XRP Price Soars: Will It Reach $25 Before H1 2023?

XRP Price Prediction: Overview

• XRP price has been surging beyond $0.4 and approaching the critical level of $0.5
• Ripple just made a new filing in their defense against the US SEC, leading to an increase in buying volume
• A popular XRP proponent believes that the price could reach up to $27 by May 2023

Ripple’s Filing Vs US SEC

Ripple recently filed a new document in their defense against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This led to speculation that the case might already be settled on paper, which was welcomed by XRPArmy – a group of XRP enthusiasts. The judge rejected the SEC’s objections and endorsed many of the arguments presented by Ripple before.

Price Surge After Filing

The news of this filing caused a major surge in the price of XRP, which marked just the beginning for what is expected to come soon. Popular crypto enthusiast CryptoBull believes that if history repeats itself, then it is possible for XRP to reach up to $27 by May 2023, given its current momentum. The bearish trend has broken above, due to which there is high buying volume at present and bullish momentum prevails.

Critical Level Of Resistance

XRP’s price currently appears to be reaching a critical level of resistance at around $0.5. If it surpasses this level, then it will mark a major milestone as it will be able to break through its historical highs with ease and possibly even enter into higher territory than ever before. There is also support at around $0.4, due to which bears are unable to drag down the price further despite their efforts.


Overall, it appears that XRP is on track towards achieving greater heights within no time as long as it can keep up its current momentum and break through its critical resistance levels without any hindrance or difficulty from bears or other market forces. The next few weeks are going to be crucial for determining whether these bullish predictions come true or not!