Moonstake: a partnership with Ruby Capital and Ramp DeFi

Moonstake, a staking company, has partnered with Ramp Defi and Ruby Capital to expand its product offering for the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

Over time, Moonstake has built the largest staking network in Asia and has developed a staking pool protocol to meet increasing market demand both domestically and internationally.

Moonstake has also developed a web wallet for browsers and the application for Android and iOS, allowing a single solution for the staking of several blockchain such as Cosmos, IRISnet, Ontology, Harmony, Tezos and recently Cardano.

As far as Ramp Defi is concerned, it is a decentralized solution to provide liquidity to pools thanks to its innovative system. Ramp has raised over $1 million from several investors including Arrington XRP Capital and recently partnered with Bitcoin Billionaire and Elrond.

Finally we have Ruby Capital, based in Singapore is a venture capital company that invests in innovative startups throughout Asia with a focus on artificial intelligence, data analysis, fintech, quantum computing and even blockchain.

Moonstake, Ruby Capital and Ramp DeFi: a strategic agreement

It will be a strategic partnership, commented Moonstake founder Mitsuru Tezuka:

„We are excited to add Ruby Capital and RAMP DEFI to our list of strategic partners and, importantly, we welcome Panjun and Lim to our board of directors. They will strengthen our team, our product offering and our geographic reach, adding immense value to our ecosystem“.

It will bring a competitive advantage, explained Ramp Defi CEO Lawrence Lim:

„This strategic partnership with Moonstake and Ruby Capital provides a solid foundation for RAMP DEFI to successfully penetrate all of Asia. The synergies created will give us strategic competitive advantages in driving rapid market adoption.

Thanks to this combination, the Asian market will grow further,“ concluded Ruby Capital’s director, Panjun Wang:

„It is an immense pleasure for us to leverage our expertise and network to enable Moonstake and RAMP DEFI to grow in Asian markets.

Surely Moonstake represents a real point of reference in the sector also because it supports several blockchain and provides a very easy to manage tool; with these new partnerships it will cover every weak point of its platform to provide its users with everything they need for the staking pool.