Golteum Revolutionizes Precious Metals Trading with Chainlink BUILD

• Golteum, a blockchain platform incorporating precious metals with cryptocurrency trading, has joined the Chainlink BUILD program.
• Chainlink BUILD provides real-time pricing data and a trusted trading environment to enhance transparency and security.
• Golteum also has partnerships with Fireblocks and Certik for asset security and trust.

Golteum Joins Chainlink BUILD Program

Golteum, a blockchain platform integrating precious metals with cryptocurrency trading, is excited to announce its strategic move to join the Chainlink BUILD program. This initiative from Chainlink Labs helps Web3 projects get a headstart in the industry by providing resources such as marketing support, advisory services, and real-time pricing data for a secure trading environment.

Chainlink Services Enhance Transparency & Security

The partnership between Golteum and Chainlink will strengthen the project’s aim of revolutionizing the tokenized metals economy through blockchain technology by facilitating reliable price feeds for an efficient trading process. Additionally, it will provide added assurance of transparency and security within the ecosystem since all transactions are conducted on-chain using decentralized oracles to ensure accuracy of data on both sides.

Additional Partnerships For Asset Security & Trust

To further reinforce trust and security within its system, Golteum has teamed up with top-tier infrastructure provider Fireblocks to store assets securely within the ecosystem. The project’s smart contract has also been audited thoroughly by Certik which additionally highlights its commitment towards robustness, safety, and transparency. Six members of Golteum’s team have undergone doxxing verifying their identity via Certik earning them a Silver badge from this company as well.

Integrating Precious Metals To Blockchain

By combining actual precious metals onto the blockchain network, Golteum is striving towards redefining the traditional precious metal industry while leveraging blockchain technology’s disruptive power in order to create more value for digital assets investors around the world. The project is set to launch soon after having gone through comprehensive audits from leading firms in this domain which gives customers an added assurance of trustworthiness when investing their funds into this platform.


Golteum entering into strategic partnerships with notable companies like Chainlink Labs, Fireblocks & Certik is setting an example of how businesses can benefit from utilizing emerging technologies like blockchain for better asset management solutions while increasing customer confidence regarding trustworthiness & security standards put in place by them