Altcoin Rally: Is Now the Time for Ethereum to Lead the Market?

• Ethereum’s recent rally has sparked hope for an altcoin season.
• Kyle noted that Ethereum must stay above $2,000 to help initiate a transition into an altseason.
• An altseason is a gradual process which starts with Bitcoin and Ethereum before moving into other large-cap coins and eventually small-cap coins.

Altcoins To Explode – How High Will The Crypto Rally Go in This Bull Market?

Ethereum’s Rally Sparks Hope for a Rotation into Altcoins

In a recent video analysis, well-known crypto analyst Kyledoops got on Crypto Banter’s YouTube channel to highlight the possibility of an altcoin season as the market sees a massive short squeeze. Kyle noted that Ethereum has broken a significant high timeframe key resistance, and as long as it can hold above $2,000, there may be an opportunity for a rotation of money into altcoins.

The Path to Altcoin Season: A Gradual Process

The path to altseason is a gradual process, starting with Bitcoin season and Ethereum season before moving into large-cap coins and eventually other altcoins. Kyle explained that although altseason may still be some time away, the current focus should be on Ethereum, as its outperformance against Bitcoin could signal the beginning of the much-awaited altseason.

Phases of an Altcoin Season

According to Kyle, the phases of an altseason include large-cap coins going parabolic, mid-cap and low-cap coins pumping, and a mania phase where everyone is excited, and the market appears unstoppable. However, he cautioned that these transitionary phases take time and that traders should not front-run the process.


As Ethereum continues to rally, the crypto market is showing signs of stronger risk appetite with market participants adopting bullish stance on other coins. However traders should be careful not to get trapped in long position if the market experiences broader deviation back into previous range. Ether is currently trading at $2111